Creating a Roguelike Game in C#

RogueSharp 3.0 Released

Version 3.0.0-pre of RogueSharp was just released

This is considered to be a stable version of 3.0 which was pre-released in October 2015.

As always your feedback is appreciated!

I’d like to thank Glenn Hoeppner for helping code review this release. He also helped with the setup of FxCop and fixed some of warnings that uncovered. Now if you can just finish those AppVeyor continuous builds. 🙂

I will also soon be announcing a completely new tutorial series that uses Version 3 of RogueSharp. You can find the complete (and messy) source code for this tutorial series on BitBucket.

During the upcoming weeks I will be cleaning up the commits and posting detailed step-by-step instructions on how the sample game was made.